High Pressure Processing is a term many people may be unfamiliar, yet it impacts so many of us in terms of how we enjoy some of our favorite foods and beverages.

Meat & Poultry

Meat and PoultryHigh pressure processing is used to keep packaged deli meats and other products safe from contamination and spoilage. HPP also adds to a longer shelf life for these products while maintaining quality and nutritional content. HPP also leads to the creation of lower sodium products because it does not require additional preservatives to keep the meat products fresh. Those preservatives are often heavy in sodium.

Many of the convenient meat products found in stores are able to fresher for longer periods of time, thanks to high pressure processing.


Juices & Beverages

Juices & BeveragesFresh juice, coconut water and smoothies all benefit from HPP. This is one benefit that can be tasted. That’s because high pressure processing leaves fresh juice safe from bacteria while preserving that fresh-squeezed taste. Nutrients like vitamin C, niacin and folic acid are kept at their original levels and are maintained through the shelf life of the juice.



Fruits & Vegetables

Fruits & VegetablesHPP allows cut fruit and vegetables to be packaged and sold in the refrigerated section of the grocery store. They will still hold that fresh-cut taste.

High pressure processing eliminates harmful pathogens and things like yeast and mold. All that’s left behind is delicious and nutritious fruit. Such fruit can be used as a base for other popular products, such as smoothies.



DairyHPP helps preserve the shelf life of some dairy products. With high pressure processing, spoilage organisms are inactivated while vitamins, healthy enzymes and natural probiotics are left intact.

HPP also has little impact on the natural taste and nutritional value of dairy products like raw milk cheeses and milk-based beverages.


Salads & Dips

Salads & DipsHigh pressure processing can have a big impact on those deli counter favorites. HPP allows food companies to offer fresh salsa and dips that will last longer in refrigeration. This longer refrigeration life does not come at the expense of taste or nutritional value. This is all done without added preservatives or heat.

HPP reduces the risk of contamination in deli favorites like potato salad, macaroni salad and coleslaw.


Soups & Condiments

Soups & CondimentsRefrigerated soups and dressings can now stay fresher longer, thanks to high pressure processing. Before HPP, soup had to be packaged in cans or bottles to avoid spoilage. Canned soups needs preservatives to remain edible. HPP helps deliver delicious soups and dressing to the refrigerated section of your favorite food store. The soups retain that great fresh taste with no additives or preservatives.


Raw Pet Food

Raw Pet FoodAll good pet owners want to make sure they are serving their four-legged friend delicious and nutritious food. High pressure processing helps raw pet food producers deliver a great product. HPP is being used as a safety method by raw pet food producers. High pressure processing helps preserve the beneficial enzymes in the raw pet food without sacrifice the taste your pet will love.

HPP also preserves the probiotics in the meat, meaning there is no loss of good bacteria.


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